So I now have four choppers

Didn’t sleep well again last night, no idea why. Today was GPU debugging, which is an ass. Basically it’s a lot of waiting around for things to crash and then back trace it and try and find out why. This is a very very long iterative process. The good news is there’s quite a lot of hanging about, so I managed to get a lot of practice in on Phoenix r/c simulator. I can now fly it pretty well.

My box of choppers turned up. I now have three Honeybee CP3’s. So plenty to crash. I’m after a V2 though as well as this is easier to fly. I will soon require my own hanger. Those headphones are still going for £400, but they have one bid on them.

Did I find my GPU crash? Well, yes and no. I couldn’t pin exactly what the cause was, but I did spot an error with the vertex attribute setting, after I’d fixed this everything appears to be stable.

Good week. Great progress. Busy weekend with DIY.

Bath and wine time.

Oh, welcome to my new NYC reader:)

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