Dog hair and the last of the summer sun

So Saturday started off very much as I liked, in bed. I eventually got up. Took the dogs out. I put Dillon in a no-pull harness, he pulled. Came back and had lunch. Then popped over to Tesco’s, picked up some nice slate table mats and a few bottles of wine. Tried to get hold hold of some people who wanted a home check for a labradoodle, no answer. Went over to mothers, picked up fruitcake. Fixed her laptop selection power-point problem. Then drove back home and spent about the next three hours cleaning. Yes, I have cleaners, but I wanted it done properly for once. I didn’t want it to look like we live in a shit hole permanently. Had a shower, picked up Lisa and Andy.

They then went on to drink a bottle of wine each, before we had eaten. I made one of my Chinese curries, which as normal was amazing. We had a great evening. Discussing everything from Tesco’s to flying helicopters. We also discussed dog hair, the fact it turns up everywhere. I get my dick out for a pee and it’s covered in dog hair. After a good session I pull out and find I’ve weaved a jumper. Then went home rather merry. We went to bed with a full set of washing up outstanding.

Now today started off a bit strangely. I was expecting the weather to be complete crap but the sun was shining. Jamie was wearing a jockstrap but didn’t want anal as he hadn’t ‘tidied up’. So we tossed off after booting the kids out of the room. I got up and then filled a shopping bag with dog shit and a dead pigeon. I then had a boiled egg. I thought I’d make the most of the last of the summer sunshine and I parked up in Framton Cotteral. I then went off four the next four hours and looked for eight caches and think I found about seven, so a good unexpected afternoon. Nice scenery and great weather, couldn’t complain at all.

Came back home and did the accounts. Also ordered the spares for my model helicopter and also a flight simulator for it, so hopefully won’t smash it up so much next time.

We went to the local pub for food, it was fine, actually pretty good value all in all. Came back and had a bath.

Nice weekend, can’t complain. Next weekend is Jamie’s birthday and we are going to Alton Towers, god help me.

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