Divide and conquer

Tomorrow started with me and Dillon in bed. Unfortunately it was Dillon the dog, rather than Dillon Samuels. Work was re-writing that damn context stuff I was doing last night. Got it done and working in a couple of hours, reduces all low level renderer memory allocations to a very low number, well zero.

Then looking at another rather interesting problem. We use deferred rendering, so that has phase 1, which writes depth, normals and gloss, then phase 2 which does screen based lighting, then phase three that combines those two together with the textures to produce the final image. Problem is phase 1 and phase 3 take a long time to build the display lists. I already run them in parallel. But how to make it go quicker? Well, take it one stage further and divide the phases up into chunks, so phase 1 will be split and phase 3, these will then be split across multiple cores. Sometimes my job can be quite obscure, I spend all day staring at tuner profiles.

Walked Sasha, Dillon wasn’t interested. More stuff turned up from Amazon, but not all of it. Still waiting on brushes and tool for spreading caulking. However the chilli willy roulette turned up, secret Santa that one.

Went to Spin, it was fun. Did more work. Watched Danisnotonfire make a Thai Curry. So hopefully everything else will turn up tomorrow. Christmas is coming, must give it a thought at some point. Mother has finished curtains, she’s even said she’ll come here and iron them. She must be feeling guilty about something, may be my life.

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