Ding dong merrily on low

So this morning started at about 6:15, both dogs had already been out twice, I’d been out about three times. Joys of not drinking anything I was up like a shot. Dogs were in the car by 6:20, we were there by 6:30. I was back in bed by 7:00.

I was frozen, Jamie was warm, he warmed me up, in a similar way to which you would start a fire with a stick. He went to work.

I started at about 10, as the cleaners rang to say they were on there way. Got stuck into it pretty much straight away. I was on a mission of something I wanted to complete so just got my head down and got on with it.

Not to say that twitter didn’t get in the way. Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire) tweeted some fun thing about 22 not being old (I think one of one direction had hit this age). It went along the lines of “~youth is a state of mind not a number~ well until you go grey and wrinkly but that’s what surgery is for jk”, to which I posted, “@danisnotonfire You’re only as old as the boy that you feel. (Or 25 in my case).”. To which in great surprise I got a response, “@mannmansion as in groping or a mental state sorry that was silghtly unclear”. I replied and said it was the former but it was okay because we are married. It got 183 favourites and 49 re-tweets so it made my day anyway. The stalking will continue.

Finished work. Had a bath with Jamie. Drank wine. Now waiting for the takeaway to turn up. Fun times.

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