Actually that was quite enjoyable

So this morning started off with a stocking, which contains amongst other things, a giant inflatable penis, a cock ring, some chocolate bums and some cola cocks. Still could be worse. I gave Jamie a couple of presents, some headphones and some socks.

I had breakfast, the dogs had theirs, Jamie eventually got up and had his. We packed the car up and set out. A boot full of presents and two dogs. We arrived in good time. The dogs started to be a pain in the ass from the outset, we gave them bones and stuff but they were full of it. After a couple of hours we settled down to dinner.

Now after the piss take we gave Alison a couple of years ago for her Yorkshire puddings and mash we were a bit shocked. Okay, my started consisted of a bowl of fruit from a can, but the prawn starter everyone else had look excellent. Then on to the main course, she had put some serious effort in there. Turkey slices, chicken leg, pigs in blankets (mine was only pigs, plus points there), red cabbage in apple, carrots in honey, real roast. It was gorgeous, I was stuffed. This was then followed by home made Christmas pud which was also fantastic.

We took the dogs out for a walk with Megan, while they cleared up. We were about half hour. Then came the present unwrapping. I got an engraved wine glass from Alison and a book on helicopter accidents, which really is my kind of thing. Jamie got me a new G-Shock watch, which is cool as the current one the buttons are knackered. I don’t like the strap but that can be changed. I also have an angry birds helicopter and a boy-band calender. Alison got her Kindle and a coffee machine. We were out in the kitchen when Jamie gave me another present, it was an iPad Air, so top points for that, and the special cover as well. It’s engraved, “From your loving husband. AKA Bum Boy”. Ah, he knows me so well. We stayed a bit longer but it was baking and the dogs were getting fidgety, so we made a move. Journey was all fine.

Sat down and had a glass of wine. Will now have a shower and probably follow it with another glass.

Jamie has one more surprise, but he will have to sleep on this one.

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