“Blade Runner”, best sci-fi ever? Nah, It’s a bit shit

Today working on the same stuff I’ve been working on for the last few days, but finally got on top of it, moved it to it’s own project, sorted out all the configs and got it building without having to delve into strange header files. Basically it’s still a bit dull, but now I’m on top of it I can cope. Tomorrow I have a bit more to do then have some issue to solve about automated posts to Facebook, which could be quite interesting.

Went for a run lunchtime, same distance. I’m eating quite a lot at the moment as we still have a ton of food left over from Christmas. The plan is to bulk up a bit and then strip down. Problem with that is the bulking ration is about 80/20 split between fat and muscle, mainly as I seem to be bulking up on biscuits and crisps.

Finished work at a reasonable hour in the evening. So sat down and watched the directors ninety-seventh cut of ‘Blade Runner’. Now I hadn’t seen this film in years and could only remember a few bits of it. So I watched it, start to finish, and thought…mah.. It’s very dark. Not in story content, in brightness. The whole film is in the dark and in the rain. It’s full of plot holes, discontinuities and bad dialogue. I watched ‘Moon’ last night and I thought that was a far better film.

Still almost another week over and I still don’t have any palm trees.

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