The Von Trapp family singers didn’t really sing all jolly Rogers & Hammerstein numbers. It was more Austrian folk music before they moved into Dub Step

So woke up far too early to take the dog to play group. Had to wait in the car for a bit for it to defrost. Anyway she got there fine and I got back into bed.

So spent the day still working on something not very interesting, to the point I was working into the evening to get all the hours in as it wasn’t really holding my attention. Still it’s getting done and all seems to be working so far.

Went for a run lunchtime and used a new ‘Run Keeper’ app, which is very good, it showed a complete GPS trace of my run. So 1:03 minutes for 7.08 miles. Considering it’s cross-country and involves quite a lot of mud then I don’t think that’s too bad.

Caught the courier today, I now have my new iPod dock, which is slightly unnecessary but still has a pretty good sound. It’s now playing out some ‘Ministry of Sound’ remix. It’s helped me get through the rest of the day for sure.

Picked up the dog. Did more work. Now I think it’s time for a sit down.

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