So we may be expanding the family

I can’t honestly remember a lot about yesterday, which in a way is probably a good thing. It means it was dull, ordinary and no one died. Every now and then a day like that is appreciated.

Today however was somewhat more eventful. Work was fine, got a few things done early morning, after taking madam to daycare. Oddly on the way back I almost saw a wonderful collision caused by a woman pulling out of a driveway half asleep and not looking where she was going. Thankfully the driver coming the other way had obviously had his morning coffee so just stopped and looked at her in disbelief.

Anyway, had to vanish mid morning to sort out a few things which I’m not going into here as they relate to someone else. But while we were out we took the opportunity to visits Flynn at Holly Hedge again, but this time without Sasha. When we went to his kennel he was just chilling by the inner door, he came straight over to us and his tail never stopped wagging. We got him out and into the exercise yard. Certainly without the distraction of Sasha he was very attentive and playful, he hasn’t quite got the hang of what to do after he’s chased the ball yet, but we’ll teach him that. I almost managed to teach him sit in about ten minutes. Anyway we had a good play with him, he’s great on a tug toy, if we can get Sasha on the other end of it we’ll be sorted. We took him for a short walk where he pulled like hell and peed on everything, again, nothing we haven’t experienced before. So we popped him back in his kennel and said good bye. I’m pretty sure his name was not actually ‘Flynn’ as I know the signage system they use. We will change his name anyway. We said we will go back on Sunday with Sasha and providing they don’t eat each other then we’ll take him home.

Came back and did more work. Then I went for a run, really needed it as I was feeling somewhat fat (and also looking somewhat fat). Actually really enjoyed it. Came back, had a shower, then we went to Pet’s are Us or whatever it’s called and picked up a bowl, a collar and a name tag, just on the off chance we take the dog…

Came back and did more work. It’s been a day of lots of work chunks, but actually great progress. Time for tea now, may be a little wine and some telly. Tomorrow hopefully will be one of those boring days.

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