They gave me that bloody Agila again

Didn’t sleep hardly at all last night, mainly down to the heat and Jamie snoring like a train. So woke up this morning very tired. Made a start though, then drove over to Vauxhall to get the car serviced. They gave me that bloody white Agila again. Pram with an engine, it feels just so plastic and it had no bloody petrol in it. Got back home and cracked on.

Been feeling very tired all day, up to the point in the afternoon I almost dropped off. Picked up the car, which took bloody ages due to traffic. Came back and ploughed on. What I’m doing at the moment is very complex, there’s a hell of a lot of it, just have to plough through it. Felt very tired so finished a little bit early. Didn’t go anywhere this evening although it was a beautiful one. Now sat down watching this court case thing, recorded live in a Scottish court. After that I think I’ll try and get an early night as the dog is at daycare tomorrow.

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