A box arrived marked ‘Keep out of direct sun light’, it’s either chocolate or Robert Pattinson

Woken up rudely twice, first by a courier delivering a mysterious box labeled ‘keep out of sunlight’, then five minutes later by the postman. Anyway, back to working on interpolation again today. After lots of messing about I’ve finally got it working pretty well. Needs a lot more work, but it’s good progress.

Managed to finish off the whole of unit six on my Japanese course. So four units to go. I do want to finish off before we set off, as I just know otherwise I will never come back to it and it cost quite a few quid.

Walked the dog. Went to pump. Did a home check for a dog.

Finished off work. Now busy day tomorrow, off to somewhere London ‘ish to go to the Warner Brother Studios ‘Harry Potter’ tour. Also staying in a posh hotel (any opportunity for a TripAdvisor review). Oh, why? Because it’s our anniversary.

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