Well Jonathan Ross likes it

Woke up. Which on a Saturday morning is always quite a challenge. Found out that Jonathan Ross had ‘tweeted’, that he thought it was one of the best games ever. Reviews are generally all good and people really do seem to like it, which is always nice. I’ve written many many games, but sometimes you do get to work on ones which are more of just ‘a job’, not that you don’t put the same amount of effort into them, but every now and then you do get to work on one which you really do enjoy. And this was one of them. We put a lot of our own ideas into the game an it was very enjoyable to work on. May be we will do add-ons or a sequel, who knows. Oh and apparently we are big in Honduras. In the US we are No.1 game on the charts and No.6 app overall.

So in celebration I walked the dog. Then did the shopping. I bet ‘Take That’ don’t do the shopping when they hit No.1. Had lunch then I thought I’d venture over to Comet where it’s closing down in a couple of days. Complete waste of time, they have nothing there at all. Then I walked into town, bought nothing and walked back. There’s something rattling on the car, it’s either the front grill which is loose or the suspension is about to drop off, so may have to have a dig underneath tomorrow.

Did the accounts. I’m still poor.

Trying to get a few more Christmas presents, then realised I don’t actually buy anything for anyone anyway except Jamie, so that makes things slightly easier. Oh, then just remembered, Lisa & Andy. Right that’s sorted, more money I’ll never see Jamie’s share of.

Busy day tomorrow. Gardening, wiring, radiator balancing. Need to sort a photo album out as well. Must be bath time.

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