Why have one blog when you can have two?

So today (well this evening, as I did do some work earlier) I’ve set up my other blog. It’s for movie reviews, you’ll have to guess the URL for the moment. So now everything is set up and working, still need to twiddle a few things regards DNS and MX records, but really now it’s all about adding content.

Oh and to be consistent, I went to the gym, but have failed to drink any wine yet…

I also did a ‘home check’ for Hollyhedge Animal Santuary as a volunteer. This just means I check to make sure they have a secure garden and live where they say they live. I get some sense of well being from it all. If your thinking of getting a dog or a cat, please don’t go to a breeder, visit a rehoming centre and save an animals life.


Hollyhedge Animal Sanctuary

The wonderful Hollyhedge animal sanctuary

Right now its defo time for Salad, and may be some of that wine.


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