Where were all the flies today? Ah yes on the Bristol to Bath cycle path

Today I’ve been working on iOS (that’s iPhone), but on PC. Our mobile engine runs cross platform, so it’s lot easier to write using MSVC than XCode4, which really is a pile of shit. But at some point you do have to suffer the torture of XCode to actually compile it for iPad/iPhone. It’s a pain but needs to be done. Thankfully I was interrupted by having to add some animations to one of our mobile games.

I work in a fairly small room that contains my main PC, another PC, iMac, various servers and a whole network cabinet. This is quite handy in winter, a radiator certainly isn’t required. In our three days of summer it is somewhat overpowering, I guess that’s the advantage of being able to work in only your pants.

When I did finish today, I decided rather than go to the gym I’d go out on one of my bikes (peddle kind). I’ve only managed to so far get out twice this year and both times it’s pissed down on me. So today with magnificent blue sky’s it really was a┬ápleasant evening. Managed a good twenty miles in a couple of hours at a fairly leisurely pace. Now I’m supposed to be on some kind of a diet, but I think I ate more calories in flies than I lost by cycling. They were absolutely everywhere. Every time you opened your gob the little buggers flew in, it was easier just to swallow (no comments on that one please).

So got back, de-fly’d and had a shower, then tried to get my head around the joys of SEO. In the end set it to auto and will take pot luck. Now settled down with ‘Lewis’ and a glass of Arabella. Dog is in the kitchen as Jamie is in there frying things.

Just need to set up automated backups next, then it’s on to setting up PfSense, but first some network speed tests.

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