“When shall I come round?”, “Sorry are you expecting me to administer an anaesthetic?”

So started late as I didn’t sleep very well last night, hell of a stiff neck. That seems to be the only stiff thing at the moment. It’s either age or Jamie’s gone to an ugly phase.

Carried on with the documentation, which oddly I seemed to be in the mood for. So throughout the day I’ve managed to get through the bulk of it. If I have a clear day tomorrow I hope to finish it all off plus the example code and a couple of problems Al found.

Finally got the online person working with pfSense, although I think it would have been easier to get my sister to become a nun.

Walked the dog. Went to the gym, ran for sixty sixty minutes. I finally gave in and bought some cheese. I will weigh it though. But I’ve ran 36 miles this week, so a bit of cheese and crackers isn’t going to suddenly make me put on three stone. Eating it with a bottle of wine however may do.

Bowel update, nothing much to report, still pressurised at about three atmospheres. Don’t poke me or the outcome may not be pleasant.

Kyros Christian is coming to London at the end of October, I said to Jamie that I should go there for the week, he said no. May be I should just invite him here for a couple of days and show him the sights.

Oh new cleaner hopefully sorted out.


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