If there’s one thing I hate (which there isn’t, there are lots and lots) it’s documentation

So still get this network thing to sort out. Couldn’t do much more on it until I got the destination IP addresses. So started on the audio lib documentation. I really do hate writing docs, it’s very dull and very repetitive and most of the time no one reads them anyway. Still made a decent start on it today.

Walked the dog. Had lunch. Came back to one of the online guys asking how to work out what IP addresses the 360 was trying to access. I’m surprised by this as online know all about routing, firewalls and what the hell what is trying to connect to what. Anyway, got him to get a copy of pfSense installed, then look at the firewall logs. It then took him all day to burn a copy of the pfSense CD. Sometimes I despair.

Arranged to do a re-check on a lovely dog called ‘Ben’, whose now called ‘Hooch’. Very nice lady and dog. Went to gym. Ran for sixty five minutes. Came home. Ate salad. No cheese.

Bowel update. Today it’s less like Mount Vesuvius and more like a chocolate fountain, although I wouldn’t want to dip a marshmallow in the stream.

No cheese.

Oh, reviews of a couple of films I’ve watched in the last few days. “388 Arletta Avenue” “Devil”

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