Ninety two pages of documentation later.

So started off by waking early which is never a good sign, so went back to sleep. Last nights film was awful, will review it at some point.

So it was back on to documentation with a few interruptions from online people. We did have to abandon our efforts in the end as it turns out the 360’s need to directly communicate with each other and that means they have to port forward, which isn’t going to work if everyone is using a VPN with one public IP address. Anyway, it was quite interesting while it lasted.

Walked the dog. Then got back on with more documentation. Went to the gym, did Pump then ran for 32 minutes. Came back and more documentation. Then finally finished it. Ninety two pages of audio library docs, that no doubt no one will ever bloody read.

Bowel update. Seems to have a slight increase in pressure today. Only the weekend to go, then look forward to fairly solid turds again.

Right, bath and wine time.

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