Were ‘Atomic Kitten’ really about interlocking young cats?

So spent most of the day working on a lock free ring buffer. Code that I actually wrote years ago, but now converted to iOS / Android. Now lock free things depend on atomics, iOS not so much an issue, Android on the other hand doesn’t really do atomics and as for 64 bit atomics forget it. So that was an interesting one to solve but got there in the end. Didn’t really do much else.

Watched a good film last night “The Hunger Games”, ok so I’ve read the book and enjoyed it, but the film was a pretty good representation.

Walked the dog. Did a home check right by the gym for a lovely lady and a lovely existing dog. As it was right next to the gym I had no excuse really not to go although I said I wouldn’t. So ran for an hour and one minute. Now have sores under my arms where they were rubbing against my vest. War wounds.

Come back, ate salad. I was going to watch the new Red Dwarf, but due to a timing clash it won’t be ready until later. It’s torture porn night, so got a film ready.

Jamie’s birthday tomorrow, no presents, no card, welcome to your future, it’s all down hill from now on.

Solved the cleaning situation, dog friendly cleaner starts Monday. Nothing wrong with the old cleaner except she seems to be working all hours and I can’t really blame her for avoiding my bathroom. I have no idea where those brown stains come from.

In laws down tomorrow. Deep breaths. Could be worse, could be my mother. Taking old mattress down tip. Going to cinema. Eating out. At least I get the chance to give a restaurant an appalling review, although this one is usually pretty good.

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