I must admit ‘Ted’ did make me chuckle

So started off with changing part of the audio lib to use the lock free ring buffer, that all worked fine. So then changed a header file that I forgot to do before. That was about all I had time for as I had the afternoon off. Sarah popped round and we took the old mattress to the skip.

I then took the dog out, which wasn’t specifically timed for when the in laws arrived, honest. Anyway they were painless and brought cake and sausage rolls, plus tomatoes so are forgiven all sins. They left Megan though.

Ended up installing desktop Ubuntu on another one of my SFF PC’s. Went to the gym and did pump. Came back, picked everyone up and went to La Piazza at Aztec West. It was ok, but I’m sure it’s been better in the past. Came back, sat on the toilet. Then we went out to the cinema and watched ‘Ted’, a film about a Teddy Bear that comes to life. It’s certainly not a kids film and has some killer gags in it. Now sat in bad typing this up with a nice glass of white.

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