Cushions on wooden seats, no

Watched this last night, very good “The Cabin In The Woods”

I’ve been offered some orange cushions for my wooden chairs from the mother in law, it’s a nice gesture. Now, there are two things that irritate me in life (actually there are about 470), one is people who wear socks with sandals, the other is cushions tied on to wooden chairs. I blame my Aunty, she used to made gravy with OXO cubes. She had wooden chairs with cushions tied to them, for some reason always hated the bloody things, that hasn’t changed now. I want to encourage piles.

So spent the morning battling with iOS to save out ID3 tags to IMA/M4A files. After some irritating fun with mutable dictionaries I got it going. Added a couple of other iOS specific things for speaker routing. Ordered Jamie’s birthday presents, joys of internet. Put an add for a cleaner on myhammer. Walked the dog. Went to the gym and ran for an hour.

pfSense needed rebooting, first time in thirty days. The web interface ground to a halt after WAN 1 went down. That’s thirty days without me moaning about it. Now it seems to be working fine but accessing the hard drive a bit excessively. Need to keep an eye on it.

Now watching bollocks television. May go for a film, I fancy some cake.

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