Not sure who has the worse ass, me or the dog

So this morning started rather dull. The X-Factor wasn’t available on demand, which force me to get up and go do the gardening. So I ventured out, picked up all the dog crap. Then proceeded the get the last of tree and branch bits into the green bin. Rather annoyed that the cleaners had managed to place a black into the green bin and it had split open. Anyway managed to get the garden remains all in. That’s the gardening complete now until spring. I worked out how to stop the dog running off with the broom….use two brooms, she then gets confused, walks off with one so you just use the other.

Had lunch. Sunday, eggs day. Then I did the boiler pump overrun cable which took about ten minutes, all working. I’ve now been trying to balance the radiators all afternoon (this is heat balancing, not some kind of weird juggling act). Whilst I was doing that I was trying to do our wedding photo album on PrinterPix, which kindly crashed on the very last page and lost everything. It’s now minus 4 outside and about 43 inside as the boiler is running flat out and all the radiator valves are open. And I haven’t got the hot water on, so no bath yet. Still I guess I’ve had a fairly successful day. Now just bath, wine and dinner to complete. You never know, may be sex later. Unlikely, but hey.

Tomorrow it’s back on to mobile I guess.

Oh yes, the dog had a rather nice Chicken Tikka Bhuna last night, together with Jamie and I. We are now in competition to see who can produce the smelliest farts, so far the dog is in the lead. Not very lady like at all.

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