Well, it’s now live…..and crashing

So I took the plunge and unhooked the old Draytek and put the cable into the pfSense LAN port. It’s reset itself multiple times, this may be because I’ve been running the latest developer version, so I’ve gone back to the last ‘stable’ release. So far, so good. Also got the remote logging to work, so it’s now sending all it’s log stuff back to the servers syslog and into it’s own nice little log file.

I also found an RS232 (yes they are still used) extension cable, so connected the UPS to the server and configured NUT. It appears to be working, but I haven’t tried a power down test yet. Need to configure that and may be get it to send a mail with the power outage.

Work wise, well, did a bit on the mobile game, then it was back to Apple Lossless. Apart from a major tidy up of the file handling libs (for MP4), it’s all working. Next job is to add in ALC which uses yet another library, when that’s done I can strip down finally all the bloaty file libs.

Right, now it must be time for salad (going for a wine free week again….)

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