pfSense, well you had a break

Ok, so this morning woke up early, decided that wasn’t a good way to start the day so went back to sleep. Got up later, had breakfast, drank espresso then took the dog for a two and a half hour walk. Came back, mowed the lawn, hung the washing out. Had lunch (boiled eggs on Sunday) then spent 3 hours digging out the hedge. Which is now finished, just needs some serious raking before I can seed it. So that’s a job well done.

Then retired to my lair… dug out the netbook and connected it to the service port. Added all the Wan1 inbound rules, doesn’t appear to have caused any problems. Then added the gateways for the load balancing. Decided to connect the Wan2 port to the existing local lan, this is on the same subnet as the new lan local lan subnet. To cut a very long firewall log short, it wasn’t happy. So dug through my junk box and found a long network cable. I then connected the Virgin router directly to Wan2 and behold load balancing actually appeared to start working. The final straw to resolve was accessing the web interfaces of the two routers, the Virgin router played ball straight away and I could access it’s web page. The Draytek on the other hand is not being quite so nice, I’ve found a bit of a tutorial on how to solve it, but part way through testing it I managed to kill all connectivity, so decided to call it a night.

Jamie is off ‘fapping’ to blue people. Time for me to drink a nice glass of white and have a bath. I think I’ll have the new pfSense thing all running by the end of the week.

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