Well I guess it could have been worse

Got a reply from the local main dealer about my bumper situation. It isn’t going to be expensive as I thought, but still advised to check ebay. I checked ebay and about two dozen parts resourcers and breakers, not a sausage. I’d have more luck trying to source an Arden Blue unicorn horn. So it’s back to Vauxhall for the solution, which I spose is the same as saying that a good way to lose weight is my chopping your arm off. I’ll try and organise it tomorrow. The bumper that is, not the arm removal.

I didn’t go to the gym today as I currently still can’t feel my neck from yesterdays karting exploits. So I spent the evening finally repairing a dead PC that’s been sat on my bench for the best part of a month. Turned out the PSU was fine and the motherboard was up the swanny. Anyway, now have a fixed PC and a box of blown bits.

Also got round to watching the Olympic opening ceremony. Quite impressive, the parade seems to go on forever.

Spent the day working on iOS codec’s, which for once, considering it involved using XCode was actually a fairly painless operation. It even worked.

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