And then my bumper dropped off…..

Yesterday started out fine, got up fairly early and did the shopping, then travelled down to Clay Pigeon to set up for a 6 hour kart race tomorrow. Testing went fine, we seemed to be on a good pace. So headed home about 8 in the evening. While driving I noticed something that seemed to fly in the air then heard a bit on grinding. I pulled over a little later and thought I’d better check it out. And there half of the front bumper was now hanging off. It looked like the floor panel thing had come loose, then wobbled lots until it finally tore the bumper off. Oh well, ripped of other end of bumper and stored nicely in the boot.

Today I started out at 6AM, travelled back to Clay where we actually did the race, We qualified pretty much at the back and that’s where we stayed most of the day. We came in lots of times to fiddle with tyre pressures but couldn’t really get any more out of it. It was fun though with rain showers.

I also met a chap who can source odd car parts, he may just come in very handy.

Right, bath and wine o’clock me thinks, it’s been a very long day.

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