And today, not much happened

Well, I got up and did work. Still on iOS codecs, today doing hardware encoding, which after many battles finally began to work. It’s only encoding to some raw thing at the moment but I don’t think it’s going to be too much longer.

Bumper ordered. No idea how long that will take to sort out, at least it’s in progress.

Finally got back to the gym as the weather has turned crap again.

In server news I set up another one of my eBay PC’s with Ubuntu and installed iPerf. I’m getting 943mBps throughput just raw PC to PC, not even sure they are on the same switch, so not bad. After all I only need about 200 tops working through pfSense. Next job is to configure another PC the same as that one and then the pfSense PC. I will then use one to send test data to the other.

Got round to watching some of the Olympics, all seems to be very well organised.

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