Almost at an end, but a bit more German peck wobbling first

So (don’t go there), it could be said we’ve spent half this holiday in bed. This just isn’t true, we’ve spent more than half this holiday in bed. I do aim to get up a bit earlier tomorrow, there’s a couple of things I want to do in the morning.

Went to pool bar, drank coffee. Wanted to get back into my book. Had another coffee. Now I was overhearing a Londerer bragging about being in some fight in Benedorm or some other god forsaken hell hole, it was all getting quite exciting. He then ordered a ‘larger top’ so lost all credibility whatsoever. Then found a sunbed, got towels out. Then went and had lunch. Today being Friday, I had pizza.

Returned to sun bed. Finished “The Hunger Games”, very good, really enjoyed it, even if it is a ‘Tweens’ book, or whatever they class it as. One bit of highlight in the afternoon, the German twink boys were back. Right behind where we were laying, they do ‘step’ and they were in there legs flying everwhere for half an hour, Mr green shorts was very pleasing to the eye. Now, I was fairly subtle and just looked above my Kindle occasionally to drawl, but two guys had turned up and lay on beds right in front of me and just gawped at them continuiously. I’ll call them Mr Pecks and Mr Blonde, not quite Resovoire Dogs, more Resovoire dogging. As soon as as Mr German had finished flexing his legs they disappeared off. You just know they were going back to their hotel room to bang louder than the blitz.

We went back to the pool bar and had more coffee. Book now finished. It’s a trilogy, which means I’ll never read the other two parts. Back at the room, read a magazine, had a shower, did some minor fapping to clean the pipes out.

Tonight we ate at the Mediterranean restaurant. You got to select your fish. They were all dead on dishes, it’s not like they were walking round Tesco’s with name badges on. I enjoyed it, Jamie didn’t. Said it was bland, I said he’d never eaton at my mothers. We returned to the pool bar, found Mr Pecks and Mr Blonde, obviously recovered from shell shock. Ayhun brought me beer, I like him. So that brings us nicely up to date. Few more beers I expect then bed. Tomorrow is our last full day, then back to normality.

Been trying to think of my trip advisor review, I think it will have to be along the lines of “not bad, there is better”. I think that would be fair. If you came here you would have a good time. If you went somewhere else you could have a better time. Mind you they say it’s not the location but the company you keep, so anyone around me would have a fairly shit time anyway.

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