Today I moved my life

So started off with a call from plumber…lets call him No.3. He came round pretty much instantly, seems like a nice chap, friend of Sarah’s. Did mention that the boiler would need a permanent live as it will be switched from the time at the moment. It’s a very good point and it’s the first one to mention it. He also didn’t mind who I got to do it, hmm wonder who that will be.

Spent the day sorting out routing issues on the mobile game. Mainly an analysis and optimisation task. Appeared to be quite successful. I’ll see what Al says the performance is like on his iPhone4.

Took dog out for a walk, today we choose a new rather dull route around the industrial estate. Can’t see us doing it again. Pawstretchers called and Sasha is going to visit on Wednesday.

So tomorrow I have two plumbers, one in the morning, one early evening. So far none of them have been even vaguely attractive, let alone cute. How come in porn films the plumber is hot and has a tool like a tree trunk?

Went to gym. Did Body Combat, followed by half hour of running.

I do like my new coffee machine, almost got through a bag of beans in two days. But now does mean I won’t be able to sleep for a week.

Spent the evening moving my life, well moving anyway, which contains this blog. It hasn’t moved far, about two and a half feet for the moment, but it’s now on the mini-itx box.

So the joys of moving a Ubuntu server from one machine to another. First install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server on to new machine. Had to do this via a USB stick as I forgot it only has a CD drive not a DVD drive. Once that’s installed, best to backup fstab as restoring a backup with a different UID isn’t pretty. It’s all going to go to cock anyway as grub will have bad entries but that can be fixed later. The other thing to do is backup the udev persistent files. This was the cause of my missing network connection, it was there but moved from eth0 to eth1. Then stop postfix and apache2 on old server. Back it up as normal and then copy the backup file to the USB external drive. Then plug that drive into the new server, mount it and restore the backup. Now copy the backup persistent files over the new versions and restore the old fstab. Then reboot and watch it all horribly go wrong. You’ll get no end of mount errors, but if you ignore them all it will actually boot correctly. So reboot and run Ubuntu recovery, when that’s loaded run the ‘repair packages’ option. This will update everything and most importantly rewrite the grub boot loader. When this is done reboot again and you’ll get an error about the file system not being properly unmounted, ignore this and let it do the file system check. It will then boot as normal. Next reboot will be error free.

So I connected up to the pfSense box DMZ and made it live. I’m surprised that my SSL certificates are still valid, but that all seems fine. Apache is working okay, imap appears to be okay. Weather it’s receiving mail or not I’m not sure of yet. I’ll give it a couple of minutes….Sending mail appears to be working….dum de dum….Oh I haven’t got the printers plugged back in yet or the UPS, but I’m not really expecting any issues with those. And receiving mail is working. So final job then is to move old server out of cabinet and install new server, which is actually the old proxy box, which needs to be changed as the PSU isn’t really up to the job. So I’ll sort out a new case and then look into the second project, changing the pfSense box to a machine that uses less power than the sun….

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