The butt cheek incident

So this morning I got up a bit later than planned. No particular reason, not like we were having sex or anything. I had breakfast, the dog had breakfast, we both took a shit (different venues, same process). I then ventured out into the garden and got rid of the last of the soil, which was now very much mud and the knackered paddling pool. Also swept up all the leaves and bits. Need to get some new loppers.

Oh before that (chronology not a strong point as usual), I installed the new coffee maker, install being the correct word. If it was any bigger I’d have to take a wall out. Set it all up. It makes coffee. It actually makes very nice coffee. I look forward to trying out various different beans. It’s a posh one, bean to cup, Delonghi. It also produces frothy milk, so that’s 3 things in the house that can do that now.

Right, so had lunch. Sunday so boiled eggs. Then on to the next few jobs, which was a bit of painting and filling over old network panel holes, now that all the cables are in and also over some moved light fittings. Then cleaning out the bathroom cabinets. I’m sure those travel sickness pills with a sale by of 1997 are still serviceable, but in the bin they went. Then cleaned out the laundry room cupboards. I do not require three hundred different pots of shoe polish.

Then I went out and did a house check for a dog. Bit of a shame this one as the house isn’t directly connected to the garden, so I think I’m going to have to say no.

Then decided to swap the servers over. Now the new one does need a new case and PSU as the old one won’t power on properly from a mains on, also the switches are still a bit screwed. But backed up the old server to a USB external drive. Installed Ubuntu on the new machine and then restored the backup. Didn’t work. I’d named one file system MANNMANSION and the other one mannmansion. It got quite upset about this. It also then failed to initialise the network connection. So both things need to be looked into a bit more.

So now it’s a Sunday and time for a bath. And some wine. Followed by some dinner.

Oh, Sarah knows a boiler man, so I’ve added him to the list, that will be about seven in total. Still, one of them may actually be okay.

You never got to the bottom of this and really thought I was going to talk about that did you? Oh may be one day, when I’ve drunk too much perhaps…

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  1. Blimey. All this clearing out cupboards! Nesting instinct? Blimey, are you pregnant? Anything to do with the butt cheek incident?Lol x

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