Today I bought a new washing up brush

Started the morning with a weird dream, can’t remember it though which is a bit of a shame. Got up at a reasonable hour, well just before midday. Walked the dog, stopped in the vets on the way round and booked her in for her boosters. Did the shopping. Had loads and loads of vouchers for stuff, so stocked up on pickled onions, toothpaste and biscuits. All the stuff I didn’t need.

Came back and had lunch, read the paper. Walked into town, nice German market there at the moment. Bought a new washing up bowl and a brush, as the existing one’s really are looking a bit manky. Called in mothers on the way back. Fixed her curtain rail again (big big screw this time). Got her Christmas tree down from the loft and found her a recipe for Brandy Sauce.

Came back home and did the accounts. Worked how much money I’m owed, it’s a lot, but not as much as I thought. Tonight we are having Chicken Tikka Jelfrezi. Which will be about the fourth Saturday curry in a row, but I am getting really good at them now. So quick bath I think, then on with the cooking.

Tonight I’m typing this on the i-Mac as I’m currently trying to sync my iPad while downloading tunes from Amazon and then syncing them with iTunes. This I’m sure being a Mac, will not actually work first time. People always say oh iMac’s are wonderful, actually they’re not. This one falls over way more often than my Windows7 box which I use far more often. Every time I switch this one on it tells me the mouse batteries are flat, it’s done that ever since I’ve had it. But it is very useful for watching iPlayer on.

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