Today I actually played my own game

Ok, so today was going to be fairly busy and all over the place. So started out going through a list of bugs / suggestions on the mobile game. After I did that, decided it was time to give it a full play through. I don’t tend to play heavily through my own games as you are always a little bit too close to them. But this one was designed by someone else and they’d created all the levels. So I started out on level one and played it all the way through to the end, without cheating and without doing any in-app purchases. And I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Being an old Red Alert fan some bits reminded me of the strategy in that. Ah, but whats the game…..well you’ll just have to wait, only a couple of weeks to go on that front.

Took Sasha to the kennels, traffic was horrendous. About an hour round trip. After I eventually managed to free her from the various bondage straps she completely ignored me and buggered off with the girl from the kennel. So much for loyalty. Then came back and did more playing. Missed Pump tonight as I couldn’t really justify taking another couple of hours off after just taking an hour off and only being back for a few minutes.

I went and did a home check instead for a young couple who are after a cat. They live on a really busy main road, but would be ideal for an older cat. They have a lovely garden.

So there we go, wine o’clock. No gym and tomorrow off to ‘Proms in the park’, followed by Sunday at ‘Party in the park’. A lot of things in parks basically. I’m sure it will be a fun weekend. I’m suspecting a reasonably busy week work wise next week though.

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