Kylie, Status Quo and Dillion Samuels, only one I would do

So where are we, must be Friday, well it’s actually Monday. Last thing I remember Friday was randomly throwing up. Thankfully Saturday that had passed. So did the shopping far too early. Then we all went down to Parkway station. First problem was the car park pay meter, required about a 30 minute call from Lisa to pay the bloody parking, which was finally settled somewhere just outside Swindon.

Arrived at Paddington, walked to hotel. It looked nice from the outside, but was somewhat anti-tardis like. It was shit small on the inside, so much to the point you had to back into the bog and then your knees would rub against the door.

We ventured out to the pub, drank lots, then drank some more, followed by some more drinking. We then had something to eat, with a drink. Then just before we left we squeezed another one in. This meant that I had to take a piss up a tree in Hyde Park, then had to do a runner from the security queue to go piss again. Thankfully after we finally got in we parked ourselves right by a block of toilets. I then only proceeded to use them twice in six hours. My bladder works in mysterious ways. Basically what we did then was drink an awful lot of wine, about 6 litres of the stuff. We listened to various bands and people, Il Devo, Kylie, Alfie Boe. All were very good, but after an intimate evening in Orlando where we were so close we were almost licking her snatch she was a bit of a disappointment. It tied up with the tele at the end, so we all did Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory. We then all went and ate at a fairly dodgy stake house.

Proms in the Park

Day two was very much like day one, except the amount of drinking was somewhat reduced. Jamie and I went to the Olympic park, not that we could go in it, but did get a lovely view from John Lewis. We then all met up at the same pub. I’d learnt my lesson from yesterday and only had the one pint before queuing. This time it was ‘Party In the Park’. It started with Mick Huknall, who to be quite honest I find a bit of a cock. But it did somewhat improve after that. There were a few filler acts, but mainly good stuff, ‘The average white band’, ‘Status Quo’ and the headliner ‘Tom Jones’. I ended up going to the loo more than yesterday, but I did sneak in a litre of wine, which I demolished. On exiting, we tried to eat, which considering it was London was quite a pain in the ass. We ended up getting a pizza and eating it in our room.


Olympic Park

Party in the park

Today, I was very grumpy, mainly as I’d been kept up to almost 6AM by fucking cocks making a racket outside. I hope they all die. Got back on train, came home, started work. Did mobile stuff. Picked up dog, she seemed quite happy to see me considering it was only for the weekend. Did work. Went to gym. Did work. Fitted new SSD drive, used Acronis to do the whole backup / restore thing. All worked nicely. Did work. Did accounts. Worked out over the weekend I got through £180, Jamie got through about £30 and Andy probably got through about 7 grand.

Overall great weekend, thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a little bit cultured for Jamie. And then the news Dillon Samuels has broken up with Kyros. Which means he’s available. Things could be looking up.


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