The only good thing about going to London is watching Dexter on the train

So I woke up, without a hangover. Frightened the dog by first taking her out for a walk at 11AM, followed by making my lunch. She knew something was up and quite right I buggered off for the bus at around 11:30. Bus arrived, was driven by someone who wasn’t Polish and delivered to Parkway, where the train departed on time. Managed two episodes of Dexter (It is getting really good now). Met up with a couple of work chaps getting off the train, walked to office. Then proceeded to sit there for the next three hours and not really do much. We did do a few play through’s of the mobile game though, so that was worth doing. A few tweaks here and there and it will be sorted. Got back to Paddington, bought an overpriced ticket that entitled me to stand on a train (inside the train) for half an hour, before being able to get a flip down seat in the vestibule. Still wasn’t too bad, managed another episode. And that’s really about it for the day. Trying to rip a Blu-ray to mobile, but that keeps falling over. Managed to get CUPS print server to broadcast my other printer and and set all that up. I think it’s shower time followed by salad and then it’s good old torture porn night. Tomorrow will no doubt be a busier day, need to take the dog to the kennel.

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