Is two hours cleaning a toilet about an hour and forty five minutes too much?

So woke up early, checked emails, let the dog out for a piss and went back to sleep again. By the time I woke up again Jamie was getting ready for work, to which I then announced “We’re not moving into that flat you you, there’s no where to put anything.”. I do like my Saturday morning dreams.

Walked the dog, met a few nice people on the way, including an elderly couple who I thought were going to be a real pain in the ass, but they absolutely loved Sasha. Can back and rang Holly Hedge, sadly now two dogs that I’ve done home checks for in the past three months have been returned. Sometimes these things just don’t work out, it’s sad for the owners and very stressful for the dogs.

I then had lunch, yes it had cheese. Then I rang a couple who I saw a few months ago to check how they were getting on with their new dog. So as it was getting a bit late I decided rather than walking into town when I didn’t really want anything, I’d clean the toilet. Two hours later it’s probably the most sparkling bowl in Britain. I not only cleaned the loo but all the pipework behind it and all the mould and everything under it. I also cleaned the glass shelves and all the mould on the window. Tomorrow if I get the urge after gardening I may spray the mouldy bits and paint it. But lets not get too eager.

I then went and visited the couple with the dog, they also had another new dog from a labradore rescue centre. It was really lovely to see both dogs being very well looked after and having a great time together. It is nice when it works out well.

Visited mother. Removed viruses off her laptop. Jamie said that if I got everything off his shopping list then we would have sex. I got everything, so I’ll bring this up later.

Done the accounts. Bought somemore t-shirts. Bowels are still working. Now unusually for a Saturday I think I’ll have a quick bath before dinner.

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