Then my body decided to do it’s own personal ‘PowerFlush’

I had the day off today as it was the office Christmas party which I wasn’t going to for various reasons, and as it turns out this was a very wise move.

The weather was appalling, so spent most of the morning catching up on iPlayer stuff. Eventually got up and had lunch and took the dog out for a walk in the pouring rain. Then I decided I wasn’t in the mood to do pump so thought I’d just to go the gym and do some running. So off I went, ran for almost an hour but the body was slowly beginning to say no.

Came back home, my back was beginning to hurt a bit, so I decided to lie on the bed with a nice cup of tea. Within an hour my temperature had shot up to volcano levels and liquids were firing out of every available orifice. To say then that I was having a bit of a rough night was an understatement. My stomach did settle down pretty quickly and I was able to eat a sausage roll, but my kidneys feel like they have been constantly kicked by the mother-in-law wearing hobnail boots. I was also having some very weird dreams about linux setups and xml files which didn’t help. Still I’ve lost over a stone in weight. I thought it may have been food poisoning but I haven’t eaten anything out of the ordinary so I’m assuming it’s actually the winter vomit bug, or Norovirus.

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