Never in 40 years have I decided that ordering a kebab would be a great idea

So spent the day working on OsX on iMac. I was supposed to be looking at some tcp/ip network code next but I remembered that the new audio lib hadn’t been tested on iMac. In the end I ended up using all the iOS codec code rather than codec code for the other platforms. The only minor alteration required was that OsX doesn’t support hardware codecs, that was about it apart from a few 64 bit pointer arithmetic warnings. It did however highlight a bug in the library that only showed up on OsX which was weird. Anyway, all working now.

Jamie was still in bed at lunchtime. He was cruising his phone looking at the kebab shop menu. He was lying in bed very much as a polar bear would bask on an iceberg, except he’s colder inside. I went and made a sandwich. By the time I’d finished the doorbell went, it was the delivery man from Pizza Hut. Oh, well, at least he hadn’t ordered a shoe, which is what I affectionately refer to his kebabs as, I’d rather eat the polystyrene box.

I walked the dog. Very chilly out. Came back, did some more work. Shut down for the long weekend. Went to the gym. Now playing around with the boiler output temperature, I still think there’s something wrong somewhere. Need to get a temperature probe really.

Anyway, torture porn night. Bring on the wine.

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