I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m pumping too hard

So this morning started off very much how last night ended, in a great deal of pain. I did have breakfast and kept that down no problem. Got up in the end at about 3PM as the shopping needed to be done. It took several bathroom attempts before I was ready, I still seem to be losing liquid weight out of my arse.

At Tesco at the moment is this ‘videogameathon’ or something, where they are trying to make a browser game in 48 hours. Been there, done that, but many many many years ago. I did smile when I saw all the bottles of Coke and all the Pro-plus pills. Took me back to 25 years ago when perhaps I wasn’t so fucking bitter. There was this kid there who was obsessed by Sonic, he turned up with his parents as Jamie had one of his Sonic Show banners up. How the parents haven’t actually killed him by now is a miracle, talk about geek.

Did the shopping. Came back home and went back to bed with a nice cup of tea and the paper. I’m feeling generally okay except for a massive amount of pain in my kidneys still. I think I’ll watch the end of a film I’ve been slowly getting through then try and make a move on a few things.

Oh yes, the pumping thing. The circulation pump has three settings, it’s always been set to high, I reckon that’s why the radiators have always been a pain in the ass to balance, and probably why there is always a huge amount of air in the system (it sucks it in via the vent). I’ve now set it on medium, heating is now virtually silent, but everything of course now needs balancing again.

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