The three wise old farts gather for a curry

Didn’t start the day particularly early as the rain was hammering down and I wanted to take the dog out for a decent walk. In the end I ended up walking her in the rain anyway.

Came back and did a few odd bits, then went and did the shopping in Tesco’s. As we are having a small bash on New Year’s I bought a selection of party food. Well more of a horde. I think we are going to be eating party size pasties until March. I’m still not entirely happy with the cheese selection though.

Came back and made myself look pretty. Tonight I was meeting up with Martin who I hadn’t seen since the wedding and Steve Teague who I hadn’t seen in about eight years. It was only at the local Indian. Met up with Steve first, who hasn’t really changed much other than expanded somewhat. Martin arrived after a bit, he never changes, looked middle aged when he popped out of the womb. We’ve all turned in to moaning old bitter bastards. Which to be honest we always were anyway, so nothing really has changed. It was nice meeting up again and probably won’t get the opportunity again for another eight years.

Came back, we had coffee, they were mugged by the dog. I then settled down and watched some torture porn. You often think in life, ‘Would I have changed anything?’, yes I would, a hell of a lot.

Three old farts at the Indian

We can’t suck our bellies in for much longer.

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