It’s a balancing act (Yet again)

Started the day off reading Kindle books on wine making. Doesn’t seem so much as a dark art, more of a severe chemical reaction. Ordered a couple of books as it’s something I’d like to thumb through, also ordered bigger barrels to do the 30 bottle kit.

Walked the dog. She has been farting like a trooper after last nights curry. So thought she needed to run around and degas for a bit so we played with a ball in the garden for half hour. She was suitably tired and took about four shits, all of them had a certain aroma of Chicken Tikka.

I then drove to Cribbs, went in Halfords and bought a funnel then went into Maplin and got served by a real miserable shite. I then walked around the Mall thing, admired cheese boards in the John Lewis sale. Didn’t buy anything.

Came back and de-scaled the coffee machine. I then decided that now that everything has been tested and working on the heating it was indeed time to re-balance the whole lot again. I have my new gadget now so it’s just a matter of adjusting the lockshields and waiting for the temperature differential to reach 12 degrees. Which is why I’m now typing this sat on the floor in the guest bathroom. This valve is a tricky one as it’s the first one in the run, it’s currently on 9.5 degrees, I think that’s about as close as I’m going to get it.

Ended up slowing the pump down again as I still seem to be getting air into the system. So I’ve now got the radiators upstairs fairly well balanced, although the lockshields on them are almost fully closed, I thing the last one upstairs is about one turn open. But measuring the temperature across the last radiator in the circuit I’m getting back on 12 degrees and that lockshield is fully open. Across the flow / return on the boiler I’m over getting 7 degrees, I’d prefer closer to 12. Still have all the downstairs to do and recheck, but that will do for this evening. I finally turned off the heating circuit and enabled the water circuit. I’m actually getting about 14 degrees across the tank with the lower pump speed, so it’s good to see the water tank is way more efficient at dumping heat than the whole of the radiator system. Hopefully that will mean that the water heats up quickly, then of course I can have my bath….

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