Apparently banging Jamie on the ‘taint’ and going ‘moo’ isn’t the way to arouse him

So started the day off with not really wanting to start the day. So watched one of the ‘Royal Institution Christmas Lectures’ instead. It had lots of explosions, can’t beat a good bang. So that gave me a fairly fruitless idea, I was going to get Jamie aroused. I tried all the usual stuff, talking about whales, pointing out his wobbly bits and getting his nipple up like the end of a Biro, all without too much success. I then found out that the bit between the balls and the ass hole is called the ‘taint’, as in ‘ain’t the ass, ain’t the cock’. There is some confusion over this that some people think it should be called the ‘Gooch’ over some guy who apparently they couldn’t decide if he was a cock or an arsehole. Anyway I found that slapping him on the ‘taint’ and ‘mooing’ also wasn’t bringing about any kind of eroticism so I got up and picked up all the dog shit from the garden.

We then went to Cribbs, where he went into Game and bought something confusing and I went into John Lewis and bought a selection of cheese knives. Then came back and put said knifes on wall. Didn’t like the position so re drilled it and moved it again. I then spent the rest of the remainder of the afternoon balancing radiators and updating my movie blog. “Untraceable (2008)” “A perfect getaway (2009)” “Case 39 (2009)”

I think the radiators are almost finally there, need to go around and do one last check, but all seem to be heating up nicely now and I’m getting my 12 degrees between flow and return. I must turn the water heating back on soon as yes, it’s almost time for a bath.

Quite a few things to get on with tomorrow, still not overly happy with my cheese selection.

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