The joys of doppler shift

Couldn’t sleep again last night, didn’t hit the wine, just stayed on MSN talking to Al, which kept Jamie awake so was a plus. The array allocing stuff I did yesterday seems to work, so that’s hopefully the end of the iPhone5 problems. Still don’t have one, but now ordered one from the Apple store on 2-3 weeks delivery.

So cleaner arrived on time, got mugged by the dog again then cleaned. Needs a bit of refinement, but she’ll get there. So today working on Octree, which was a success pretty much off the bat. Then tidied up a few bugs that had crept in. Then it was on to doppler shift. For those that don’t know that’s how the frequency changes depending on velocity and direction. That’s the weird police siren thing you get when the car goes past you. Anyway, coded it all up. Didn’t work. Tried it on iOS, didn’t work, played around with tons of stuff and went through lots of docs. Got bored and checked it in. Then worked out I was using a stereo source…doppler and positioning only works on mono sources, change the source, all worked fine. So tomorrow it’s doing a decent sample for that and then sound cones, which are even more strange.

Walked the dog. Went to the gym, ran for 63 minutes today. Watched a very interesting document about a plane crash, well a plane they actually crashed and monitored. Now it’s on to torture porn, choice of two tonight.

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