Do you have the iPhone5 in stock, yes. Can I buy one, no. Bastards.

Got a mail from Al about the iPhone5 crash, looks like it’s an issue with alignment on the new arm processor. So spent the bulk of the day writing array allocators to fix the problem.

Tried to get hold of an iPhone5. O2 stock checker said they had some in Clifton. So off I trotted. “Do you have the iPhone5 32GB in stock?”, “Yes, sir”, “Here’s £619”. “Oh, sorry I can’t sell one to you”, “What?”, “I can only sell it on a 24 month contract.”. Tossers. Then I came back and found they had them in stock just up the road so could have saved petrol for the same argument.

So a bit of a ‘null’ day really. Walked the dog. Went to gym, ran for 62 minutes. Ate salad. Got a couple of new films in. Cleaner should be back tomorrow.

Another one of my reviews is up on trip advisor “La Piazza Aztec West”

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