I really have to give up cheese

Started late, but hey, you have to be in the mood for these things. So finished off coding the doppler shift sample. Then moved on to sound cones, which is basically directional audio. After a couple of silly bugs that was all working.

Then walked the dog. Sun was shining as we left, then at the half way point it absolutely pissed down. Came back, then worked on adding sound effects support to the music mixer. That took me up to gym time. Did pump, then about 30 mins of running.

Came back from that and sorted out some buffer alignment problems. Did a film review of some torture porn I watched the other night “Invitation Only”

Now it’s time for wine and bath.

Really need to stop eating cheese, bought a block last night and ended up eating over half of it. All it does is make me fat. But it does have the advantage of giving me very solid bowel movements, talking of which I’m pooing about five times a day at the moment. Obviously not enough salad in my diet.

Busy day tomorrow I expect. Need to catch up with house checks then Lisa and Andy coming over for dinner. No doubt they (including Jamie), will talk about Tesco’s, a lot.

Decided on the coffee machine I like (£600) and the one I’ll probably get (£200).

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