So, Nut and pfSense where are we currently at

Ok, so pfSense now appears to be stable, even on the development trunk if I don’t run the wireless USB dongle. Looking at the kernel panics it was always coming from the ‘run’ driver, so after removing it all looks good. I’ve ordered this new PCI wireless card that should work with another driver so will see how that one pans out.

Nut wise, well that all appears to be working, I just need to do something sensible with the messages and sort out the start up and shutdown scripts, then do a lot of testing with it.

Server wise, everything else seems very stable. No issues overall which is very good. There are still a couple of odd firewall port issues to sort out, but nothing major. So it is all finally getting there. I think the next job will be to test out the UPS stuff then move the server into the network cabinet. I’ll leave the pfSense box out for now until I fit the wireless card and do more soak testing on it.

Work wise, been stripping back that MP4 lib some more. Bit of a tedious task, but has to be done. Did a couple of minor mobile game changes.

Went to gym, did Body Pump, then ran for 50 minutes. That must mean I can have at least one glass of wine and may be a few beers…

Anyway, must be wine o’clock and bath time. Oh and all the other Friday night shit like hanging up washing, emptying the dishwasher and doing the washing up. All the stuff Jamie doesn’t do. He did surprise me last week though, he managed to change the loo roll without any outside assistance.

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