I am the king of the scripts

Strange day. Got up late as usual as it was a Saturday. Walked the dog in bright sunshine. Then met up with Jamie to do the shopping as he was finishing early. I then had lunch and went back to bed. Then resurrected around 6 (what happened in the meantime I’ll leave as an exercise to the reader).

I then went to B&Q and did very manly things like buy grass seed and top soil. I’ve then been piddling with pfSense again. Installed the new wireless PCI card, which won’t actually fit into the case until I take a hacksaw to it, but it appears to at least be working fine.

I’ve then spent the rest of the evening adding a startup and shutdown script in the correct place in Ubuntu to control the UPS, the scripts are working correctly even if the UPS driver doesn’t seem to be. But that’s going to require more testing I thing.

Did the accounts. Now about to have a shower and cook the dinner. Tomorrow I did have the oppertunity of going out to dinner in the afternoon, but I think this is going to be my last day I can actually get on with the front garden and get the grass seed down. So I’m going to be very dull and do manly gardening tasks. In the evening providing it’s not pissing down we will be having a BBQ though (yes, sad, just the 3 of us and one of them chases her own tail).

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