My Nut’s are emailing me

So I spent the bulk of the day pissing about with PS3 compiler issues on VC2010. In between I added one small addition to a mobile game. I did manage to look at NUT again though and worked out the script problem, it needed it’s group changing to ‘nut’ then it was able to send mail from nut@root without any problem. I now need to write a script to actually do something useful, including shutting the bloody server down. Due to it being a Belkin UPS there are a couple of oddities to do with ‘what happens if’ type scenarios, like if the power is restored during a shut down. There are some scripts to handle this, but I’m not sure how far I want to take it, it’s hardly NASA and isn’t exactly mission critical. I think in 15 years we’ve had about 20 power cuts and in that time the UPS has always outlasted the cut.

Still having fun with pfSense, it reboot another half a dozen times. Looking at the kernel panics it appears to be the wireless driver. So I’ve yanked the dongle out and ordered a PCI card from ebay which should use a different driver. In the meantime I’ve connected up the old router to use as an access point. I’ve also gone back on to the development versions of pfSense as there still seems to be a bit of an issue with pppoe not reconnecting properly. I’ve added a link up/down to one of the scripts to try and shift this. I’ve done a few tests and so far it’s been fine. But yet another thing to keep and eye on.

Went to gym, only ran for half hour. Now it’s salad time and torture porn night, so I may get a glass of wine in, what a naughty boy.

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