Didn’t start at the crack of dawn, mainly as I don’t do that shit anyway and I didn’t finish until 3AM. And then when I finally got to bed, Jamie was as horny as hell and demanded his version of kinky sex, well it would be rude to not oblige.

So today was mainly about tidying up, finishing off and testing. So that’s exactly what I did. Last minute bug fixing and testing.

Took the dog out for a walk and for once it was a pleasure. I think she did actually learn something yesterday at doggy day care.

New motherboard for pfSense box has arrived. It’s still in the box, hopefully look at it the weekend. Went to gym, ran, not very exciting. Ate salad.

Then at ten to ten I went upstairs to Jamie and said ‘lets go then’, to a rather shocked Jamie, who had completely forgotten that I’d got tickets to the new James Bond film – Skyfall. M32 had a junction closed, so we were slightly late, the good point about this was we missed all the ad’s for Gordon’s Gin. We had the posh seats in the ‘Director’s Lounge’, if you are going to the cinema then do it in style. My mother would never have taken me here. The film itself was easily the best Bond I’ve seen in many years, it was pretty much non-stop action all the way through. Really enjoyed it.

So, probably one more day on the mobile game and that will be it.

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