Doggy Daycare and Cleaners all a big success

Okay, so I woke up at an ungodly hour, one which should have been the end of a good evening, not at the beginning of a good morning. Dog didn’t really know what the hell was going on, she went out for a pee then ran back upstairs to bed. She was then slightly confused when I started to pour her breakfast out. She decided to strike while the iron was hot and came downstairs and ate it. She then dutifully went and had a poo and got rather excited. She got bundled into the car in the dark and driven to “Paw Stretchers”. Where she shot out of the car got attached to a man with a lead and didn’t look back. I drove home and went back to bed.

Today work wise was mainly fixing a few bugs and doing play testing, all went according to plan really. Fixed a few things, tested lots on iPod and PC.

New cleaners arrived, one called Mandy, one called something else. They spent about five minutes unloading their van of various containers of ‘stuff’ and a couple of hoovers. They then proceeded to do cleaning type things for the next three hours, which wasn’t bad when they are only being paid for two and a quarter. They didn’t get round to the dinning room but did everything else. I must admit they actually did a really really good job, I was very impressed. Now they’ve got on top of a few things it, (hopefully) won’t take so long next time. So that’s “Welcome home cleaning”.

By the time they went it was time to pick Sasha up. So sat at Aztec West traffic lights for twenty minutes then arrived at doggy daycare. Sasha was led out by a rather cute looking guy. She had apparently spent three hours running round in a field, followed by various other activities. I was disappointed that I wasn’t given a painting that she had done to stick on the fridge. She’ll be going back next week. She’s been asleep since.

Did a bit more play testing. Due to my foot being bad, no idea, some sort of ankle twist, I gave the gym a miss and had a bath instead. Caught up with a magazine. Ate salad. Sat down. Jamie keeps asking if I’m going to plough his buttocks, well as long as he doesn’t hurt my ankle.

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