Robert hired a trainer, lost a substantial amount of weight, and went on to become Taylor Lautner.

Ok, so another ‘Ted’ quote but it was a funny film.

Got up very late, mainly as we went to sleep very late. Didn’t get home until about 2, then by the time I did my restaurant review and watched some telly (needed to drink wine) and finally pursuaded Jamie that as it was his birthday it was actually his duty to have sex (even if his sister was in the other room). At least we are married now, we have had sex at his mothers house right above her (she was in the room below, we weren’t doing ny weird hovering shit). Also there was that time with James…story for another day.

So anyway, got up late. Walked the dog to parkway with Megan (she walked by herself, no lead required). Got back, then we went into town, which was a bit pointless as everything was closed, except ‘Forbidden Planet’, so bought some more Sonic tat. Walked back to car then did the shopping. I’ve now done the accounts. That’s the excitement of the day.

I’m now going to have a bath and drink some wine. Followed by making a curry. Tomorrow I expect will mainly consist of gardening type activities providing it doesn’t piss down.

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