I got in a piss with the dog and refused to speak to her

Ok, so it was 5AM, Sasha wanted to go for a pee, so I dragged myself out of bed and let her out. She peed and took a dump, then just stood around in the freezing cold. I kept calling her in for 10 minutes and she just ignored me. I eventually shut the door and went back to bed, half hour later I came back down and she was waiting by the door like nothing had happened.

I then ignored her all morning, didn’t give her her breakfast (Jamie did that later) and didn’t take her for a walk. I ended up trimming all the front garden trees and then shoveling a bit more of the earth into the green bin from the back garden. Also tidied up some of the tree debris in the back garden. Still a couple of loads to go for sure plus all the autumn pruning. At least the front is pretty much finished now, needs a final mow before winter sets in I think then I’ll leave it until spring. It will need a good raking and a bit of reseeding then.

Had lunch and ignored the dog. More gardening. Cleaned up dog shit. Cleaned up the apples, not many now, there are still quite a lot attached to the tree though, that badly needs pruning.

Eventually sat down and wrote an appalling review of the hotel we stayed in in London, to add to the whole host of appalling reviews it already has. Did a quick review of a film I watched the other night “Red State” Then added a few more of the honeymoon photos. Still a few hundred to get through before I can do the photo book things.

By the afternoon I still wasn’t talking to the dog, although by this point she had brought me a card and Maltesers. Jamie has now taken the dog for a walk, I’ve decided that from now on he should walk the dog on Sunday’s anyway, as I walk her every other day of the week.

I may speak to her tomorrow if she doesn’t hang around outside in the middle of the night like a cheap tart.

Jamie isn’t fapping anymore, so looks like we may have to spend the evening with each other and eat at a sensible time. Not too sure about this new arrangement. I did have the Japanese GP to watch, but some mouthy bitch did read the result out on the radio first thing this morning, so that’s buggered it up a bit. Oh well, bath time. Hopefully less bitter tomorrow, although that’s pretty unlikely.

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