Please, stop asking me about render….

I don’t know the difference between Blinn and a bin liner. Spent the day looking at a Crytek paper and demo on SMAA. As usual all these things look really pretty until you move, then it all turns into a shimmery mess. It’s good to see the demo produces the same shimmery mess. Tomorrow I’ll be looking at MSAA again just to prove that isn’t any better and it’s still a shimmery mess.

Went to gym, only did a 20 minute run as I wasn’t really in the mood and my legs are killing from the last two nights jaunts. Car is in garage on Monday, will be fixed by Tuesday and I’ll be about four grand down.

In server news I connected two of my Ubuntu boxes to each other and ran iPerf again, still the same 943MBps, so the switch wasn’t adding any overhead. I’ve ordered two PCI nic’s and a PCIe one, all Intel, so I will perform further tests in various combinations. Still 943 is pretty good, if I can keep that up across all interfaces then I’ll be impressed. Also ordered a compact flash drive sata thing, to install pfSense on, just to make things interesting.

Now it’s time for wine and torture porn, until the next person asked me about render…

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